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UNDP Jobs - WASH Program Manager Job Vacancy In Uganda

Job Title:WASH Program Manager, Lira, Uganda
Closing Date: Friday, 13 April 2012
ASARECA Secretariat, Entebbe

Position: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program Manager Location: Lira, Uganda Duration: 1 year with probationary period of 3 Months

Organizational Background: International Lifeline Fund (ILF) is an innovative humanitarian development organization, dedicated to provide clean drinking water and fuel-efficient cooking techniques to habitants in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. ILF embraces an entrepreneurial spirit, a bottom-up philosophy to development, and a flexible, low-cost operational approach. ILF's vision is a world, in which no one is forced to drink contaminated water or expose themselves, their family, and their environment to the harms associated with cooking on an open fire.

Position Description: The WASH Program Manager (PM) will be responsible for implementing ILF's WASH program at a high-quality standard and in accordance with the ILF Uganda country strategy and donor requirements. The WASH PM will be responsible for improving upon the program's current technical and administrative elements and identifying additional improvements as necessary. These improvements will include ensuring that all the necessary project documents, including clarified project proposal and budget; technical needs assessment and baseline survey; technical specification and designs; implementation modality guidance documents; and monitoring tools are established and implemented according to industry best practices. This will be facilitated through extensive fieldwork and support of the ILF WASH team.

Key Responsibilities:

Design, prepare, implement, monitor and evaluate water supply project(s).
Undertake field visits to monitor projects, as well as conduct periodic programme reviews to ensure effective and efficient implementation.
Propose and/or undertake action on operational procedures affecting project management and implementation.
Analyse and evaluate data to ensure achievement of objectives and/or takes corrective action when necessary to meet programme/project objectives.
Contribute to the development of the WASH team's strategic work plan, including introduction of new approaches, methods and practices in project management & evaluation and also ensure the achievement of specific objectives.
Ensure proper functioning of all WASH logistics
Meet with local, national, and international agencies or governmental bodies conducting WASH projects to maintain good working relations and potentially coordinate activities
Participate in meetings with ministries responsible for project review, and follow up on implementation of recommendations and agreements.
Ensure the accurate and timely input of project information in the internal database system, and issue status reports for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
Prepare programme/project status reports required for management, board, donors, budget review, programme analysis, annual reports, etc.

Qualifications - Advanced university degree in Civil Engineering, WatSan Management, Geology or related technical field. - Three years of progressively responsible professional work experience at the international levels in program management, monitoring and evaluation, and drinking water supply area.
- Knowledge and experience regarding water engineering (water collection and supply systems, such as boreholes and filtration systems, as well as analysis and treatment) - Knowledge and experience of a variety of sanitation systems in humanitarian contexts, including Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Training (PHAST), Children's Hygiene and Sanitation Training (CHAST), and Community Led total Sanitation (CLTS) - Knowledge and experience regarding health and hygiene promotion and community participation approach in humanitarian contexts, including training and forming Water User Committees (WUCs) and Village Health and Sanitation Trainers (VHSTs) - Familiarity with drilling boreholes operations highly desired - Analytical, negotiating, communication and advocacy skills.
- Excellent communication skills (oral & written) in English - Excellent supervisory and managerial skills - Leadership and teamwork abilities
- Computer skills, including internet navigation and various office applications - Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships, both within and outside the organization
How to apply:

Please email your CV and a cover letter to Vahid Jahangiri at and copy Rachael Reichenbach at . The subject line should read "Your Full Name - WASH PM".

Relief International Uganda Careers : Chief of Party Job Opportunity

Job Title:Chief of Party, Uganda
Closing Date: Thursday, 26 April 2012

JOB TITLE: Chief of Party

LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda, with travel to other areas in Uganda

DURATION: 5 Years (This is the duration of the project and does not necessarily reflect the duration of the employee's contract)

SUMMARY: Relief International (RI) is currently recruiting Chief of Party (CoP) candidates for an anticipated multi-year, nutrition program in Uganda. The program will increase local capacity to manufacture fortified food products using locally sourced materials and distribute them in Uganda. The CoP will be based in Kampala and travel to other program areas throughout Uganda.


Strategic direction and overall supervision and successful implementation of the program.
Overall development and oversight of program work plans (interim and annual) and budgets based on expected program outputs and results.
Liaise and consult with donor, acting as the main representative and principal interlocutor.
Manage partnerships with international organizations , local ministries and municipalities, and local and regional partners.
Ensure sound administrative practices with regards to record keeping, compliance with USAID regulations, communications, etc.
Fulfill all donor reporting requirements.
Ensure regular communication between Uganda Office (Field Office) and HQ; this will include submitting required program reports in an agreed upon format.
Manage recruitment of national staff and ensure that all internal administrative and HR policies and procedures are followed in accordance with established RI and USAID standard practices.
Supervise and provide support to local and international consultants and staff hired to assist and work on the program.
Travel within Uganda to ensure the performance and implementation of the program.
Coordinate activities internally with other RI programs in Uganda.

Eight or more years of experience in senior project management in the field of nutrition, food manufacturing, agriculture, and/or relevant programs.
A master's degree in a relevant field.
Experience managing field-based programs of scale, preferably on USAID programs; previous CoP experience highly preferred
Ability to live, work, and travel in Uganda.
Previous experience in East Africa; experience in Uganda is highly preferred.
Fluent English required; Swahili preferred
Excellent diplomatic, interpersonal, and communication skills.
Demonstrated decision making, problem solving, and team building ability.
Experience with civil society and community-based approaches is preferred.

To Apply: Submit a resume, cover letter, salary history, 3 professional references (e-mail address and phone number), and a date of availability to Incomplete applications will not be considered. The email subject line MUST include the following: COP-Uganda TAPSIN

How to apply:

Submit a resume, cover letter, salary history, 3 professional references (e-mail address and phone number), and a date of availability to Incomplete applications will not be considered. The email subject line MUST include the following: COP-Uganda TAPSIN

Food Processing Specialist Job Vacancy In Uganda at Relief International

Job Title:Food Processing Specialist, Uganda
Closing Date: Thursday, 26 April 2012

JOB TITLE: Food Processing Specialist

LOCATION: Kampala, Uganda, with travel to other areas in Uganda

DURATION: 5 Years (This is the duration of the project and does not necessarily reflect the duration of the employee contract)

SUMMARY: Relief International (RI) is currently recruiting Food Processing Specialist candidates for an anticipated multi-year nutrition program in Uganda. The program will increase local capacity to manufacture fortified food products using locally sourced materials and distribute them in Uganda. The Food Processing Specialist will be based in Kampala and travel to other program areas in Uganda.


Design and implement an RUTF and fortified blended food manufacturing facility in Uganda.
Work closely with the Chief of Party to develop work plans (interim and annual) and budgets based on expected program outputs and results.
Monitor output of factory against all relevant international standards for food quality
Work closely with agricultural specialist and farmers cooperatives to set and maintain input quality standards

Eight or more years of experience in the field of food processing
A master's degree in a relevant field preferred
Experience working with international-caliber food processors
Ability to live, work, and travel in Uganda.
Previous experience in East Africa; experience in Uganda preferred.
Fluent English required; Swahili preferred
Excellent diplomatic, interpersonal, and communication skills.
Demonstrated decision making, problem solving, and team building ability.
Valid Passport.
Ugandan nationals who meet these qualifications are strongly encouraged to apply.

To Apply: Submit a resume, cover letter, salary history, 3 professional references (e-mail address and phone number), and a date of availability to Incomplete applications will not be considered. The email subject line MUST include the following: FPS-Uganda TAPSIN

How to apply:

Submit a resume, cover letter, salary history, 3 professional references (e-mail address and phone number), and a date of availability to Incomplete applications will not be considered. The email subject line MUST include the following: FPS-Uganda TAPSIN

World Vision Jobs in Uganda : Technical Specialist for Reading Job Vacancy

Job Title: Technical Specialist for Reading Application Deadline Date: 23 Apr 2012
Position Location: Kampala, Uganda; Lilongwe, Malawi or Federal Way, WA, USA Position Start Date: 15 May 2012
Region: North America Position End Date: 15 May 2015
Requisition Category: Domestic Recruitment Priority: Need Immediately
Country Name: United States of America Program/Office Name: Education & Life Skills
City/Province: Kampala, Uganda; Lilongwe, Malawi or Federal Way, WA, USA Employee Type: Contract Salaried
Job Grade Level: 15 Recruitment Status: Advertising in Progress
Is this a family post? Non-family - Staff only
Requisition Num: 2012NAPKEY-8SMUC4

The Technical Specialist for Reading is the go-to technical lead specialist for the Partnership on all matters related to improving the teaching and learning of reading. While WV intends to build comprehensive essential life skills instruction capacity across the partnership, it intends to rely on external partners specialized in reading for recognized and proven best practices in improving reading outcomes. This one Reading Specialist position then becomes WV's bridge to the best practices of reading-focused government and nongovernment agencies across the education development community.
The Technical Specialist for Reading will work closely with education's M&E team on developing the indicators, tools and guidance related to clarifying the practical aspects of monitoring specific levels of child reading abilities, s/he will also provide the institutional leadership around preferred practices around community-based reading improvement activities, the institutional leadership around preferred practices in teaching reading, the institutional leadership around the instructional design of learning-to-read resource material, and the institutional leadership in the training of regional trainers to train Local Area Education Coordinators in improving reading outcomes.
At the same time, WV is committed to action learning operational research around all the partner-led reading best practices it introduces to WV program impact areas to ensure that they are effectively adapted to match wider WV processes and structures and do, in fact, lead to the improved CWB outcomes the organization is seeking. The Technical Specialist for Reading is a field-based position in that the person filling this position will spend a significant portion of his or her time at a field site or sites functioning as a center of regional/partnership operational research on improving child reading outcomes
The Technical Specialist for Reading leads the process of introducing recognized methodologies for improving the teaching and learning of reading to the Partnership. S/he provides the oversight, vision and leadership to the application of partner-led reading improvement practices within WV structures S/he also plays a role in guiding the selection of global, regional, and national partners experienced in improving the teaching of reading in educationally-deprived areas of the developing world.


The Technical Specialist for Reading supports the Education and Life Skills M&E Working Group in establishing and refining the indicators, tools, and guidance material associated with monitoring and evaluating reading outcomes.
The Technical Specialist for Reading is responsible for guiding the development of the reading technical components of WV action learning capacity building for marginally trained teachers and community educators
The Technical Specialist for Reading directly supports and mentors the five Regional Capacity Building Trainers in how to replicate partner-introduced reading improvement best practices across NOs in his or her region.
The Technical Specialist for Reading guides the development of generic resource editions of external best practice materials on the teaching and learning of reading. S/he leads the formative evaluation of newly introduced resource material aimed at improving the teaching and learning of reading.
The Technical Specialist for Reading provides oversight to action learning research aimed at adapting widely recognized best reading practices into WV contexts, structures, and systems.


BA or BEd degree or related field
Expert in literacy and/or reading fluency
Expert teacher trainer
5-10 years of direct experience with literacy and/or reading instruction
International experience teaching reading to children among marginalized populations
Experienced in the use of web-based communication tools

Training of trainers experience, preferably for teacher of reading
Experience in helping children bridge literacy in their mother tongue to literacy in a second language
Experience building the capacity of volunteers to teach reading
Experience in designing primers for teaching initial literacy
Experience designing training manuals
Experience working with cross-institutional partnerships

How to Apply;

National Consultant Job Vacancy In Uganda at UNDP

Job Title:National Consultant - To Develop a Trade Promotion Strategy and Action Plan for District Administration of the 7 Districts of Acholi Sub-Region, Kampala and Gulu, Uganda
Location : Kampala and Gulu, UGANDA
Application Deadline : 16-Apr-12
Additional Category Poverty Reduction
Type of Contract : Individual Contract
Post Level : National Consultant
Languages Required :
Starting Date :
(date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 01-May-2012
Duration of Initial Contract : 2 Months
Expected Duration of Assignment : 30 work days
Refer a Friend Apply Now

The United Nations (UN) Peace Building Joint Programme on Livelihoods and Local Economic Recovery for Acholi Sub region (JP3) commenced its full implementation in 2011. JP3 is one of the three Peace Building Programmes that are implemented by the UN Agencies in Northern Uganda, specifically the Acholi Sub Region. Programmatically JP3 targets interventions in the area of livelihoods and economic recovery. The joint programme primarily aims is to contribute to rebuilding of a strong economy within the context of a post-conflict, post-displacement development scenario. JP3 is jointly implemented by International Organization for Migration (IOM), World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the lead agency. UNDP’s component in the Joint Programme focuses on: assessment of cross-border trade patterns of the region and developing strategy to promote trade and integration into the district development plans, building capacity for youth, women and vulnerable groups in business, entrepreneurial and value addition skills, strengthening capacity of Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) to address specific needs of youth and women. A combination of these activities contributes to enhancing productivity patterns within the region, enhance diversification of the agricultural economy and improve market access.

One of the outputs for the UNDP component in JP3 is to develop a Trade Promotion Strategy for Acholi sub-region and an action plan for integration into the district development plans of the districts of the region. Key genesis of this activity stems from three factors: Acholi sub-region borders with South Sudan and there is already trade links (especially informal trade) developed; opportunity provided by the formation of a new state – South Sudan and ongoing government and donor interventions that explicitly aim to strengthen production capacities of the region. A key development objective of PBF is to ensure poverty reduction. This activity has been devised to achieve this objective by using trade as an instrument for poverty reduction. Hence trade promotion strategy should be developed with a strong focus on poverty reduction and specifically targeting women and youth traders, and other entrepreneurs. The strategy will address the challenges for the demobilized and unemployed youth and women in generating wealth to improve their livelihoods. The trade promotion strategy for the region will feed into and should be in line with national trade promotion agenda.

A key input into the development of a trade promotion strategy is an assessment of the existing situation - especially cross border trade. This assessment has been carried out in 2011/2012 and informs the strategy formulation exercise.

Some key messages of cross-border trade assessment

Predominance of exports of manufactured goods from Uganda to South Sudan
National level statistics show a strong pattern of exports of manufactured goods to South Sudan than agricultural goods. Specific to the region – since economy of the districts is predominantly agrarian – there is a greater scope for supply of agriculture based products as demand for the same exists across the border;
Production and value addition of agricultural products
Agricultural output of the region is limited to take full advantage of the comparative position of being border districts with South Sudan. Agricultural production capacities of the region are limited as nearly three quarters of arable land is uncultivated. There is thus large scope for increased agricultural output. Value addition on farm is limited meaning that farmers cede a lot of profit to operators higher up in the value chain;
Technology, quality and standards
Application of latest technology in agriculture is limited. Adherence to quality parameters both on farm and buying centers (especially rural) needs to be further enforced. Both these areas assist in enhancing output and sustaining demand for better quality products.
Land wrangles and impact on production
Land conflicts have increased in the recent past and this continues to be a key threat to the production capabilities of the region.
District policies
Trade promotion is not accorded a priority, especially with a view for greater cross border trade. There is a need for providing clarity on the interpretation of role of districts vis-à-vis external trade. However presence of a committed leadership and presence of District Commercial Offices are seen as critical entry-point for developing institutional mechanisms that can promote trade.
Trade and health nexus
Trade, especially cross-border trade, involves travelling long distances and this increases risk of exposure to STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Assessment report also notes some key conclusions, policy implications and recommendations that can help strengthen the trade (especially cross-border trade).

In order to take forward the findings of the cross border trade assessment for Acholi sub region, a trade promotion strategy and an action-plan for district administrations of the 7 districts needs to be formulated. The trade promotion strategy will be integrated in the District Development Plans and implemented accordingly.

In view of the above, UNDP in collaboration with Enterprise Uganda wishes to hire services of a highly competent trade expert to develop a Trade Promotion Strategy. The Trade Promotion Strategy will take into account the existing trade comparative advantages of the respective districts, un-tapped potential and opportunities for Acholi in view of its geographical location bordering South Sudan.

Duties and Responsibilities

Objectives of Assignment

Overall objective of the assignment is to develop a trade promotion strategy for district administrations of the Acholi sub region. The trade promotion strategy will provide Acholi sub region with a plan for both formal/informal trade, for both services and goods taking advantage the opportunities as identified during the cross border trade assessment. The strategy will, among other issues focuses on, institutional, policy requirements for promotion of trade and investment in Acholi sub-region. In addition, second key objective of the consultancy is to develop a trade promotion strategy action plan for the district administrations which clearly spells out the implementation and timeframes for roll out of the strategy along with the necessary coordination mechanisms that needs to be considered.

Scope of Assignment

The Trade Promotion Strategy and action plan will be for all the seven districts of Acholi sub-region in Northern Uganda and is expected to be developed keeping in view the comparative advantages, current development context and current programmes of the different donor agencies. Consultant is expected to engage a very participatory approach and involve key stakeholders in the design of the strategy and action plan. Some of the key stakeholders identified include: district administration, elected leadership of districts, key relevant Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs), non-state players especially private sector agencies and umbrella bodies.

Consultant is expected to work in close day-to-day supervision of Implementing Partner for the joint programme – Enterprise Uganda and Responsible Party – Uganda Chamber of Commerce. Given the technical nature of the strategy and the need to ensure involvement of a cross-section of stakeholders, Enterprise Uganda has put in place a technical team to provide technical support to the consultant for the duration of the assignment of the consultant. This technical team will be chaired by a representative from the 7 districts of Acholi and it will be co- chaired by the top leadership of Enterprise Uganda and Uganda Chamber of Commerce with membership from the district administrations (all the seven districts of Acholi), key and relevant MDAs, private sector bodies.


As part of the application process, interested consultants will have to suggest a detailed methodology and approach for developing the trade promotion strategy for Acholi sub region.

Deliverables :

Inception Report;
Draft Trade Promotion Strategy for Acholi Sub Region
Presentation of draft Trade Promotion Strategy to stakeholders;
Final Trade Promotion Strategy incorporating comments and inputs from the presentation workshop.

Payment Schedule:

20% upon presentation of inception report
50% upon submission of draft strategy and acceptance/approval by UNDP;
30% upon submission of final trade promotion strategy and approval by UNDP


Skills and experience of the Consultant

Competency requirements of the consultant are as follows:

Having International Experience in similar assignments in the area of Trade and/or business;
Understanding of the International trade laws and policies in context of the East African region;
Familiarity with youth, local economic recovery, livelihoods, local governance and development issues. Understanding the context of the Northern Uganda region situation is desirable;
Experience of working with post conflict situations, context of Northern Uganda will be an added advantage;
Proven experience in report writing and drafting;
Excellent ability to communicate in English both written and spoken, and to work in a team.

Technical competencies:

Excellent analytical skills;
Excellent ability to communicate in English both written and spoken, and to work in a team.

Personal Competencies:

Demonstrates integrity and ethical standards;
Positive, constructive attitude to work;
Ability to act professionally and flexibility to engage with government officials, political and culture leaders, development partner representatives, private sector and communities.

Required Skills and Experience

Master’s degree in economics, development, trade or related business fields;
At least 7 years of relevant professional experience in conducting similar assignments in the field of trade and/or business.

Application Procedure

Applicants are required to submit an application and proposals, which include the following:


Letter of Interest;
Explanation as to why you consider yourself suitable for the assignment;
A detailed methodology enumerating the approach to the assignment, different steps for undertaking assignment and a detailed plan for implementation of the assignment.

Personal CV:

Highlighting past experience in similar assignments.
Work references - contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees.

Financial Proposal:

Please submit a financial proposal indicating consultancy fee in Ugandan Shillings, lump sum fee (with a breakdown) or unit price together with any other expenses related to the assignment.

Please note that the system will only allow you to upload one document, therefore all the technical and financial proposals are to be attached to the CVs and uploaded together at once
To Apply;

Information Management Officer Job Vacancy at The AIDS Support Organization (TASO Uganda)

Job Title: Information Management Officer

Job Description

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO Uganda), an organisation contributing to a process of preventing HIV infection, restoring hope and improving the quality of Life of persons, families and communities affected by HIV infection and disease, requires the services of a competent, innovative and results oriented Information Management Officer.

Job Title: Information Management Officer

Reports to: The M & E Manager

Functionally supervises: Front Desk Officer

The officer will take charge of the information systems and data management at the Project, and ensure effective provision of information technology services and the management and utilization of data. In effect, the Information Management Officer will receive data from sub-recipients’ level as well as principal recipient’s level; supervise the data entry, clean the data and validate it as well as maintain an up-to-date data base for all the Project activities. He will also ensure that the IT systems at the GMU are fully functional at all times so as to facilitate timely web-based reporting.
Key Outputs
 Information Technology system maintained; protected and regularly updated
 Supervise the Data entry
 Data validated and cleaned
 Information Management reports written

Key Duties and Responsibilities
 Prepare periodic work plans and budgets for the delivery of information and data management services
 Supervise entry of service data at all levels
 Carry out routine data cleaning, validation, and analysis to ensure reliability and accuracy
 Make regular data backups to ensure that data safety, security and integrity is not compromised
 Effectively supervise and support Data Entry Clerks
 Offer technical support and training to data collectors and other end-users
 Ensure proper usage and maintenance of ICT equipment at the Project.
 Liaise with the TASO IT teams and Planning and Strategic Information team to ensure effective and prompt maintenance, repair and servicing of ICT equipment
 Carry out database administration at the Project server
 Administer and manage user accounts on the LAN for Project staff
 Technically advise the project coordinator on proper and effective management of data and ICT equipment
 Make weekly, monthly and quarterly submission of raw datasets to TASO headquarters for back up.
 Prepare and submit periodic reports on the information and data management activities of the Project

Person Specifications: Information Management Officer

Academic Qualifications
A bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Quantitative Economics or Computer Science
Minimum Experience
At least 3 years in data management for health related programs, preferably in an NGO setting
Special Knowledge
 International policies on data management
 Ethical issues in data management
 IT systems management and backstopping/trouble shooting

Key Skills
 ICT Skills
 Data management Skills
 Communication Skills
 Analytical Skills
 Interpersonal Skills
 Computer Skills (especially Statistical and database packages, and programming)
 Report Writing Skills

Other Qualities/Attributes
 Confidentiality
 Perseverance
 Thoroughness and paying attention to detail
 Accuracy
 Integrity

How to Apply

Candidates who meet all the above requirements apply, enclosing a detailed CV, copies of academic certificates, testimonials and three referees. Please firmly staple your papers together and specify the position applied for on the top right corner of the envelope.

Note: only short listed candidates will be contacted.
CLOSING DATE: 27th April 2012.

Please forward your applications to:
The Human Resource & Administration Director
P.O. BOX 10443,

“OR hands deliver your application to TASO HQ level II, located at Old Mulago Hospital”.

Packaging Engineer Job Vacancy in Uganda at Century Bottling Company Limited

Job Title: Packaging Engineer

Job Description

Century Bottling Company Limited is a Franchise Bottler and distributor of Coca Cola Products in Uganda.

As Packaging Engineer you will report directly to the Country Engineering Manager.

Manage the production assets to ensure daily availability, reliability and quality.
Manage the execution of the preventative maintenance plan.
Facilitate corrective Maintenance & work assessment process.
Ensure quality Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process.
Provide information for Capex project and oversee the implementation.
Formulate and manage the packaging maintenance budget.
Implement focused improvement initiatives.
Manage and develop staff
At least in Degree in Mechanical or Production engineering;
A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in FMCG in maintenance of production equipment with at least two (2) years in a supervisory role.
Must possess good analytical ability, problem solving, financial and leadership skills.
Must be result oriented, assertive, flexible and decisive

How to Apply

To apply go to our website: and click on the ‘careers’ icon
Or send the application to the Human Resource Manager, P.O Box 3990, Kampala.
Closing date for all applications: 16th April 2012